Frequently Asked Questions

During a power failure, no recording would be done. When the power resumes, the recording would begin automatically.
The recording capabilities would depend on the storage available and the resolution in which the recording is captured.
The cameras are fully functional even in dark environments, however, do note that the images would be in black and white.
  • Standard cameras have a range of up till 10 metres with 70-80 degrees angle coverage.
  • HD cameras have a range of up till 20 metres with 70 to 80 degrees angle coverage
  • Facial recognition of up till 5 metres for standard camera and 10 metres for HD camera
Yes. Recordings can be viewed through the use of applications through mobile devices.
An average life span of the camera ranges from 3-5 years depending on the usage and environment.
Yes. Cameras with standard definition capabilities are about 0.5 megapixel and cameras with high definition capabilities are about 1.3megapixel.

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